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Write to Me, Write for Me

Write to Me

If you wish to contact me, there are several ways of doing so. Leaving a comment to this page will work, although I wouldn’t recommend putting anything important here. (Please also note that I will delete comments from this page as I deal with them; don’t take this personally.) If you feel the need to e-mail me, my personal e-mail address is “editor” at (@) this domain, I recommend good grammar if you want to be taken seriously.

Write for Me

If you wish to write serious critical articles, editorials, or reviews, read the Standards & Practices document and then register an account here and e-mail me with your username and, if possible, an idea of what you’d like to write about. I will promote your account to “Contributor” status, which will allow you to draft entries. I will exercise editorial control, determining if I think that a piece is well-written and appropriate for this venue, among other concerns, but I will also try to be a good editor and work with you if you need help of any sort. I reserve the right to not publish any work for any reason or without reason. As with any publication, you are forbidden to submit anything that has been previously published elsewhere, that is being simultaneously or subsequently submitted elsewhere (unless it has been rejected), or that is not your own work.

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