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Editorial Template

[The title may be anything that doesn’t conflict with the title formats for other categories.]

Subtitle or section title

Body of editorial[1]

Another section title, if needed

More editorial[2]


[1] A general footnote

[2] A citation


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Wet Hero

Title: Wet Hero
Author: M. Alan Thomas II (d.b.a. “the CrazyDreamer”)


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Story Template

[Post title should be the title of the webfiction.]

Title: Title
Author: Whatever names are available
Site: URL

Genres: Fantasy, etc. (I’m making these up as I go along)
Content: Children’s, Normal, Adults only (sex/violence), Potentially disturbing/controversial themes

Schedule: Update schedule (1/week, 2/week, 3/week, Weekdays, Daily, Irregular, None)
Maturity: Immature (rough draft), Mature (final draft, ongoing/hiatus), Retired – (in)complete (no longer updated), Dead – (in)complete (no longer available online)

Print Editions: None, # (in print), # (out of print)
Financial Status: Unknown, Loses money, Breaks even, Makes money, Author’s primary income

CM Reviews: Grade (DD Month YYYY)
Other Reviews: Where: Score (DD Month YYYY)

Comments: ~


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Why I Care (And You Should, Too)

[Editors note: This was adapted from a preexisting piece by the author.]

It’s about literature


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