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Saturday, January 26, 2008Filed in Templates

Editorial Template

[The title may be anything that doesn’t conflict with the title formats for other categories.]

Subtitle or section title

Body of editorial[1]

Another section title, if needed

More editorial[2]


[1] A general footnote

[2] A citation

[The following is the code template for use when writing a new post in this category.]

<span class="byline">by Author’s Name</span>

<h3>Subtitle or section title</h3>


Body of editorial[<a href="#fnXX.1" id="refXX.1">1</a>]
[“XX” = the post number of the post; this ensures unique IDs even when appearing in search results, etc.]

<h3>Another section title, if needed</h3>

More editorial[<a href="#fnXX.2" id="refXX.2">2</a>]


[<a href="#refXX.1" id="fnXX.1">1</a>] A general footnote

[<a href="#refXX.2" id="fnXX.2">2</a>] <cite>A citation</cite>

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