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Tuesday, March 4, 2008Filed in Site Notes

Guest post at Novelr, Webfiction Community Search

If you’re arriving here from Novelr, welcome! Feel free to take a look around. Yes, I know that I still need to update the “About” page to take my own advice and acknowledge my membership in the community, but otherwise everything is more-or-less up to date. In any case, I recommend that you check out the quick guide to this place in my “Open for Business” post. If you like what you see and would like to contribute to it, I always welcome guest posts.

There are two pieces of news that may be of interest to readers here:

  1. I have a guest post, “Four Rules For Community” over at Novelr. It covers things to do to help out with and be a part of a community, particularly an online community like ours.
  2. There’s a new link in the sidebar for a “Webfiction Community Search.” This uses the Google Custom Search service to search several sites related to webfiction, including this one, Novelr, Pages Unbound, and the ELO. More will be added as I get the chance. Expect to see the search form added to the sidebar once its search area has been expanded a bit.
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